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Our mission is to provide support to our customers by manufacturing the products in demand, high quality, delivery and competitive price.

Together with our customers we develop ideas using modern equipment and skilled personnel.

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About us

The company was founded by CEO Bengt Gustafsson 1980 and has since enjoyed stable growth and expansion. The business started small with the manufacturing of machine components for the truck industry. 1992 moved the business to larger premises were adapted to increased produktionsmöljighet. In doing so, started the concept that broadened to now be specializing in all production of Lego details in the engineering industry.

The high flexibility is another of our strengths. We can quickly switch between short and long runs. We can produce the whole construction, from design to finishing, or perform individual steps in Bear bets chain. All customer requirements.

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Certificate ISO 9001 och 14001

Certificate for welding SS-EN ISO 3834-2

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